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Friday, April 30, 2010
I don’t know about you, my Lovelies but I am such a sucker for all types of holidays....I always try to make sure that all of those occasions are special and full of warm fuzzy feelings!
I am a strong believer that a well picked card means more then an expensive present. So, for this Mother's Day I am planning to get one of those absolutely adorable cuties!
(Photo from redbirdink)
( photo from InvitaPaperStudio)
( photo by Basil and Betty)
My friend has this very cute tradition that each year on Mother’s Day she drives down to her Moms home and makes her blueberry pancakes with a maple syrup for breakfast and afterwards they look through old pictures and tell each other stories! How sweet!
(image from bbcgoodfood)
How about you? Are you planning something special?
If you have any great traditions I am dying to hear about them!

Happy Friday:)


Charlotte Elise Jay said...

Love this - too nice :)

I love card designs too - always excites me haha!

Char x

Kristin Hjellegjerde said...

My husband thinks mothers day is this weekend, I am wondering if I should still let him think so, he said he will need me to leave so he and the boys can prepare on Saturday....hihi!
My Mother lives in Norway so the Mothers day is unfortunately on another date and therefore guiltily hard to remember.


Jess said...

Those cards are adorable and I love your friends little tradition :)

foodhogger said...

Those pancakes look so good!
I have the perfect pancake recipe - I'll post it on my blog this weekend!

Saphron said...

I want some cute cards so bad...there's a store in the mall nearby that sells lots of cute cards and stationary, but I'm broke! So I think I'll just gaze at these pictures....and try to remember that Mother's Day is this Sunday.

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