Flats: Essential or...?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010
 I can't live without a good pair of flats. I always make sure that I have at least one black pair for everyday wear. It just fits with everything and it’s extremely comfy. Believe me a simple pair of flats is very hard to find.

There is a braver colour choice as well, which depends on my mood. This year I went for baby pink from Zara (which I adore...they look almost the same as little ballerina shoes).

Here are a few great basic black flats which I love:

(Photo and pirce list via Jordan)
A. Repetto Ballet Flats $200
B. Delman Flats $170
C. Gap Flats $40
D. Target Mossimo Flats $13
E. Bloch Ballet Flats $125
F. Calvin Klein Lexa $98

Which pair do your feet fancy? Where do you buy your flats?

See you later lovelies,


photohogger said...

I love flats as well - and black is a much used colour. I have, I think, four pairs, each with a little something-something on them. I wanted to buy PINK this summer, still looking for the right pair! Know any good shoe shops in Paris? :)

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