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Wednesday, April 14, 2010
Spring is in the air and it seems that whoever I talk to, they are either having a new addition to their life (a little bundle of joy) or they are getting married. I love an old fashion chat about dresses and everything wedding related.

So, in honour of spring, I would like to bring you a few of the most beautiful wedding dresses I’ve ever seen. I always feel sorry for brides who opt for the big, puffy and Cinderella-like dresses (especially during a hot summer celebration). I don’t know about you, but most of all, I need to be comfortable…of course looking great is essential too. Those dresses you see here are by Elizabeth Dye from her 2010 Spring Collection. She has this unique ability to capture innocence mixed with elegance. I adore the pearl detailing and the easy flow most of the gowns have. Those dresses are to die for!

So, for all of you who are on a prowl….How you feel about those beauties? Most of us say that as soon as you put it on, you will know it’s the ONE….Is that your experience? Or maybe you have a few you love and simply don’t know which one to choose?

Let me hear what you think and I would love to see your wedding gowns…so if you are not too shy, please send me your wedding dress photo and I will post it on my blog.
For more of the collection please click here

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Amanda said...

oh i have that first one on one of my posts, i just love it!

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