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Wednesday, March 31, 2010
If asked what would you choose: wallpaper or paint? I often struggled with the answer to this question till I discovered Studio Nommo. You just must have a look at this jungle of creativity! The main factor here is that Studio Nommo provides the costumer with so much choice and variety and as a bonus they are available to order online so if you fancy a change, then start clicking.
I’m a fan of calming, pastel and neutral combinations. The “baby trees” green and blue design is just stunning and so pure. For office space I would choose the “wired” wallpaper which as the Designer Jan Avendano describes is a puzzle-like hand drawn illustration for your attentive eyes.

(Baby Trees by StudioNommo)
(Wired by StudioNommo)
(Teapots by StudioNommo)
(Fox by StudioNommo)
(Neighbours by StudioNommo)

Aren’t they fabulous?

For those of you who are braver than me, I recommend the foxy design by Ashley which is so daring and bold. But if you are not brave enough to try one of those colourful and busy designs then how about making a statement with some amazing wall stickers. Studio Nommo also has variety of funky wall stickers which can brighter up your space and add some edge to you room.
(Spring Blossom by StudioNommo)
(Dragon Fly by StudioNommo)
(Under the Sea by Studio Nommo)

Seriously, aren’t they all such lively, stimulating designs. I just love them to bits!
Which one would you like to have in your home and where would you put it?



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