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Wednesday, March 17, 2010
Yesterday afternoon in the spur of a moment Balazs and I decided to plant out spring balcony flowers. The weather seems to get better and fingers crosses for the warm front coming tonight (that is what the nice weather lady said). I know I should not believe the weather people but I am desperate for spring. Anyway, we have a lovely older couple living next door and they just loved the flowers we planted! They could not get enough of them.

If you are planning on starting your little balcony garden then here are a few tips:

The best approach is not to worry and simply combine different sorts of flowers, because own creations are what give the urban balcony that modern touch. I am not a big fan of planting bushes on the balcony because they take too much space, but it is up to you. If you decided what kind of flowers you will plant then there are only few easy steps before you can enjoy the view with a glass of wine and sunshine:

1. Get a potted flower! You can get it at a flower store, or a greenhouse - it's up to you. Make sure it's safe for your climate zone, or it may not live long enough to bloom!
2. Work up the soil, making sure that it's a good consistency (it should hold its form if you take a handful and squeeze it - not crumble, and not ooze water like a sponge)
3. Add fertilizer if you want a quicker growing flower, with bigger blossoms.
4. Dig a hole, slightly larger than the diameter of the pot the flower's in, then drop the flower in the hole. Pull the roots apart as to not get the new plant root bound and kill it (if it is a flowering plant cut off all the flowers so it is generating roots not reproducing).
5. Gently push the dirt you dug up back into the hole, and tap it lightly to make sure the plant won't fall over.
6. Water your flower - make sure not to over do it!
7. Enjoy, because your garden is your sanctuary!

Gardening is my big passion but I always put it off for another time. I am so glad that we planted those beautiful flowers yesterday. It felt great to see the finished product. I will give you an update on how my flowers are doing and I hope that with those few easy tips you, my lovelies will create your own sanctuary in the middle of a busy city!
If you decide to do so then please send me some pictures and I will post them.
Let’s make that spring come already!!!!!
How about that???



Szilvi said...

Your flowers look beautiful.
I just planted grass seeds and praying for good weather to make them grow and have my garden back.

Diana Mieczan said...

I am praying for that too:)

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