Just In: New Stella McCartney Collection for Gap Kids!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010
April will be a great month for all moms who are Gap crazy! From the first days of the month the new Stella McCartney Gap collection will be available in selected stores across the world. Starting off with United Stated, Canada, UK, and France moving to Ireland, Japan and even to Russia, Turkey, Greece and Asia. For those who prefer to shop online, the collection will be available on the official web from the 1st of April.

Those clothes are everything a little princess or little dude would want (or maybe what their moms would want... don't we all love those cute little bundles of joy). Stella describes her collection as very individual with great balance between simplicity and a lot of detailing. A perfect summer wardrobe for any kids, I would say :)

What is so great about those designs is that they are comfortable, colourful and easy to mix and match. Here are a few samples which I love!

Lets start with boys:
(Stella McCartney Rugby striped sweater, $58)
( photo via Gap.com)

(Stella McCartney hi-top sneakers, $48)
(photo via Gap.com)

Now time for girls:

(Stella McCartney Bailey sun dress, $58)
(photos via Gap.com)

(Stella McCartney piped dress, $52)
(phto via Gap.com)

This one is my absolute favourite! It is so French; I can imagine a little girl wearing it with a pair of blue flats and a flower pin in her hair :)

Lets not forget about babies:
(Stella McCartney eyelet dress, $58)
(photo via Gap.com)

(Stella McCartney Lula denim shirt,$38)
(photo via Gap.com)

(Stella McCartney Mercy butterfly shift dress, $58)
(photo via Gap.com)

This one is adorable with this vintage butterfly!

If you are hooked then make sure to check the Gap website for more of this beautiful madness!
And to all the mothers out there I put my hat down in admiration of your patience and multitasking abilities....I know that kids clothes are just one little thing for you to think of but isn't that a great thing?
Have a lovely day and let me know which pieces you find absolutely irrestable?



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