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Wednesday, March 10, 2010
...With those beautiful spring dresses. I am a big fan of dresses but I don’t wear then too often. I work from home, so I don’t feel the need to dress up....I love to be very comfy and lets be honest it's much easier to look like a slob if you know that people will not see you that day, but I promised myself to be more fashion forward from now on. Someone told me once that if you make an effort each day to get dress in something more than sport pants and tees then your whole outlook on life will change. So farewell to my brown sport pants (at least for now).

It seems that white is the colour this spring. I love those two dresses; especially the bottom one because of the beautiful shape and the fabric is so divine. The belt adds extra edge to the over all look.

Those four dresses are just a dream. Each of them are so different but so beautiful at the same time. Dresses are created by:

1: Diane Von Furstenberg
2: Carolina Herrera
3: James Coviello
4: Lela Rose

I saved the best for last. Here it is the one I love the most and it’s the most affordable (Top Shop). This dress is everything I love about spring: comfy, easy to wear, girly and had the most beautiful detailing.

Which dress would you wear? What is your favourite High Street Shop?
 Have a wonderful evening :)



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