I am in love with Kristina Klarin jewellery!

Monday, March 15, 2010
Photo via :Kristina Klarin web

Photo via :Kristina Klarin web

I am all about jewellery. Don’t you think that a necklace or a ring can add so much to the outfit? I am a huge fan of Kristina Klarin and her beautiful wooden bubbles. She has this unbelievable ability of mix colours so it fits just right. I especially love the combination of mint, eggshell blue, aubergine, charcol, pale green, misty rose and steel blue. But of course if you are not comfortable with big size necklaces then Kristina has those handmade small beaded ones which are equally adorable.
Photo via :Kristina Klarin web

1. sand yellow,mint,light gray,leaf green and ivory
2. misty rose,light gray,true red and mint
3. mint,steel blu,beige rose,true red and aubergine
4. beige rose,mustard,yellow and aubergine

I am so excited to let you know that Kristina will present her new Spring Collection on 6th of April 2010. I can’t wait :)))
If those beautiful bubbles rock your world then check Kristina’s website: www.kristinaklarin.bigcartel.com
Hope to hear from you.....Let me know what jewellery makes you feel like a queen.

Stay warm,


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