Spring is in the air. Time to think about redecorating

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We moved to our latest apartment ("the one") almost 2 years ago on the 5th March 2008. It definitely feels much longer because the last 2 years were very busy and full of surprises, heartaches, realizations, changes and many happy moments. But let’s not kid outself...out of 2 years about 10 months sucked.
We are past all that now and it’s almost spring time and I am onto a new project which will take me a while- redecorating our kitchen...eventually. I am the type of person who takes forever to decide what exactly I would like to change, so my mission is to for the next few weeks get a lot of inspiration from blogs, magazines and of course IKEA....
We have a plain white set which was here when we bought this place. I will post some pics later today to show it off (there is not much to show off....believe me).
I was thinking about making is more of a kitchen/dining room with little space for beanbags, but I don’t have a specific idea. If any of you have something you could inspire me with then please let me know.
Here are few pictures which I think are great!!!!

Have a lovely afternoon


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