French bun

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oh, how much I love everything French. I have been in Paris before and I just adore the aura and glamour of this beautiful city. It seems that all the girls are just so stylish and I love their messy hair.
Few weeks ago I got hooked on a great blog written by Joanna Goddard. She is amazing and she, as myself loves everything French so I saw a great post there featuring this beautiful hairdo...I am going to practice making it until I get it just right.
Here is the address to Joanna's blog:
If you are crazy about everything French then you should visit this web:
If you need directions how to create this hairdo then click on this link:

What’s you favourite city in the world?
I will think about that too and let you know what I think a bit later.
Kisses for now...


la franglaise said...

I recently saw this post on Joanna's blog. It's a great explanation to get the messy bun. Have you tried it?

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