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Friday, December 9, 2016

Cheers to Friday, dearies! What are you up to this weekend? Our only aim is to tick off a bunch of festive to-dos and indulge in some good Italian food. Wishing everyone a cozy next two days and I'll see you back here on Monday morning, but in the meantime, don't miss out on a few awesome links below. Enjoy!

3 genius ways to fit a Christmas tree into small spaces.


Renting bikes on the Toronto islands.

For the best.

What to eat when things aren't going so well...

45 minutes...

All things ginger...

'If I can persuade a comedy club full of indifferent drunks to like me, I can have my daughter ready for soccer on a Saturday morning.'

A wine bottle with a twist! I like it :)

Beating burnout...

Have you read this engagement ring story?

Something awesome for all the fellow Wes Anderson fans out there!

A gifting philosophy.

Not every woman you meet has to be your new BFF.


'My mission to give up deodorant'.

Tips for cutting costs while decorating.

10 reasons to hygge:)

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This Week's Gems

Sweatshirt perfection, I'm telling you:)...

Aww...how sweet are those tiny antler necklaces...

I'm totally smitten with those snazzy ankle boots...

How about one of those pretty tassel bracelets to jazz up your go-to uniform?...

How awesome is this deep sea screen print?...

Be  still my heart! That apple-green hue makes me swoon!...


Oh  my goodness, this must be the cutest Holiday ribbon I have ever seen!...

Those gorgeous bar studs are on my Santa-wish-list :)...

What a brilliant plant holder...

A coffee shop candle? Yes, please!...

The most special of cuffs...

This cashmere jumper has the cheeriest pom-pom detail...

Wintertime essential...

Speaking of dog lovers...

Beautiful bell garland...

Dearies, what caught your eye this week? Any great finds or buys?

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Christmas Gift Guide #6: Dog Lover

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Since Tuesday's gift guide was all about cat ladies, it's only fair that today we focus on those warm, and caring dog lovers in our life. The husband who can't pass by a dog on the street without giving them a little pet, the friend who has two dogs already, but wants to get another one and the sweet mom who recently lost her beloved pooch...

Any favourites?

1. Baggu aqua poodle bag - 2. Dachshund cushion - 3. 'I'll wash you dry' tea towel - 4. Basset coaster set - 5. Wiener dog oil and vinegar set - 6. Balloon dog for your books - 7. Sausage dog brooch - 8. Olive Bella dog bracelet - 9. 'Speak no evil' mug - 10. The Dogist book - 11. Poodle art print.

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P.P.S: And the perfect gift idea for people who love food.

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Words Across Borders

Be still my heart! Have you seen this Polish Christmas advert yet?

It has been viewed more than two million times on youtube, it has every single social media platform buzzing and it made (pretty much) all my friends tear up. Well, I watched it like five times myself and I cried like a baby...

Sometimes we just don't have the words to express exactly how we feel, so in those times we do what the sweet grandpa did in the video above....

Sweet, isn't it?

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(via Independent)

My Festive Season Essentials

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

As  much as this season is filled with the promise of jolliness, it’s also one of the busiest months on the calendar. Just count up all the festive errands you have to run, the handful of Holiday parties you’re required to attend and the nearly impossible task to treat everyone you love to a well-thought-out gift that will make them swoon as soon as they tear off the wrapping.

So yes! This month is as jolly as it is hectic, but I wouldn’t want it any other way:)

Having said that, over the years I came up with a few ways to make it run smoother. One of the things I look forward to are festive time cancellations, so I can squeeze in some extra 'me time'. But when things catch up with me, I rely on a few go-to items that keep me sane, well-rested and cozy throughout.

So today I’d like to share a handful of my favourite gems that make all the difference:

 -  A good, handmade knit beanie is a must! Especially if it’s in cheery colour so it makes you smile when you catch your reflection in the mirror on your way to work. Mine is from a small shop called Kikoto, but here is another one that you might love as well.

- A subscription to your favourite magazine to read on the go, while waiting in long queue, on a subway or at the doctor's office. It's such a simple and effective way to not let the delay or the wait overtake your brain. My go-to is the awesome British Red Magazine. Yours?

- A box of organic and natural stress-free or sleep-well tea. It’s the only way to calm that racing mind of yours before going to bed. I love and swear by SKYNblends and RxApothecary.

- If you're like me and you struggle with the pm energy plunge, try this energy bank essential oil roll-on. It’s better and healthier than coffee and it smells amazing!

- For festive dinner parties, work shindigz and jolly Friday night drinks with friends, go with your trusty necklace that you can wear with an everyday sweater or your sassy navy blue party dress. The key is simple, versatile and wearable. For me, this halo necklace from Edor is a go-to gem right now. I never take it off.

- A great pair of day-to-night earrings is a must as well. Like those, nothing too fancy but something that will say 'put together and stylish'.

- And of course, a set of stacking rings and a moody nail polish that ties everything together and makes your outfit look understated and festive. This nail polish shade is so classic and those are a few of my go-to stacking rings.

- Normally I don’t wear much makeup, but when it comes to festive parties, a dash of this Boi-ing concealer will always make my skin look beautiful.

- And lastly, don’t forget to make any excuse to play some music in your home. It’s proven that music has a huge influence on our happiness, energy and overall well-being. I'm all about Sonny Rollins these days. You?

Now your turn, to tell me about your festive season essentials.

P.S: And my basic all natural beauty routine.
P.P.S: Fancy more?

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Holiday Hair: Twisted Knot.

Do  you have any fun Christmas shindigz to attend? If you do, here is a great hairdo to try out. I've sported this twisted knot last night during Balazs' work festive party and I felt super comfortable wearing it with a black dress, cozy tights, ankle boots and minimal jewelry. It's a festive winner, I'm telling you...

Here is the how-to if you fancy jazzing up your hair this season. Psst: it works on shorter shoulder-length hair as well. Cheers!

P.S: Also, this ponytail is pretty special as well.
P.P.S: And more all things hair this way...

(Photos by Gal Meets Glam)

Christmas Gift Guide #5: Cat Lady.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Speaking of kitty goodness, here are thirteen adorable, sweet, quirky and plain awesome gift ideas for all those endearing, warm and loving cat ladies in your life. From your childhood friend who has three cats named after her favourite telly series, to your mom who is cat-crazy:)

Any favourites?

1. 'Hell is other people before coffee' mug - 2. Cat enamel pin - 3. Cat pointy shoes - 4. Grumpy cat cushion - 5. Moonlight catalyst - 6. Cat glasses tray - 7. Cat headphones - 8. Christmas cat iPhone case - 9. Olive Bella personalized cat necklace - 10. Setsuko cat incense burner - 11. Scotch kitty dispenser - 12. Because cats tote bag - 13. Cat lady key-chain.

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P.P.S: Plus, all the gift guides so far this year.

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