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Friday, February 27, 2015

Cheers to the last February Friday! What are you up to this weekend? Tonight I'll be learning the art of making ceramics on a pottery class with a friend. I'm so looking forward to it! Dearies, have a cozy next two days and I will see you back here on Monday morning. Fancy going down the internet-rabbit-hope? Enjoy!

This is fantastic: Cloudy with a chance of joy. (Thanks, Deniz).

Finding love after a heart transplant.

I want to spend my days growing my own food in Greece:)

I so could go for a slice of this right now. You?


"I eat like a 6-year-old".

Three surprising ways to be happy!

The best fried egg trick, ever!

Things to do in the kitchen first thing in the morning.


Learn to love by simply loving.

3 ingredients = delicious chocolate snack.

Who says size matters?

Let's go camping!

Rare, beautiful and fun...

Ha! How to grow garlic in a flower pot :)

And fancy a blast from the past?
- Four years ago tomorrow.
- Three years ago tomorrow.
- Two years ago today.
- One year ago today.

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(Photo by Kara Rosenlund)

This Week's Gems.

Swoon! This skirt is made for spring days...

Be still my heart - pink Morganite ring perfection!...

Fancy a new logo for your shop, website or a fresh concept you're creating? Check this one out!...

The perfect essential: this cream baseball shirt...


Adorably sassy...

Great feather bracelet to add a bit of sass to your daily uniform...

Pretty and big...

Special little necklace with a name of someone you love - all in morse code!...

Love those denims!...

A beautiful tiny reminder...

For a good night's sleep...

Happy Friday, lovely ladies! What caught your eye this week? Any great finds or buys?

P.S: Fancy more gems?

The A to ZZz...

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Have you spotted Ikea's advice board on how to start and end each day better? Each image represents a letter and a word followed by a handy little tip!

My favourite is this one:
K is for Kiss. Studies reveal that people who kiss their partner goodbye before leaving for work live an average five years longer than people who don’t. The kiss itself is not the key factor but kissers tend to start their day with a positive attitude, which leads to a healthier lifestyle.

Lovely, isn't it? Here is more if you fancy a snoop around.

P.S: At home in Ikea :)
P.P.S: First date tips.

Spring Shoe Trend: Mules.

Have you heard? Flat mules are said to be the go-to shoes this spring! Would you wear them? I love how they are an elegant slipper and a casual sandal in one. They also seem to be perfect for an everyday spring uniform. I’m sold, you?

P.S: Real ballet shoes for the street?
P.P.S: And all things sneakers.

(Photos by/via Who What Wear, Emerson Fry, Garance DorĂ© and They All Hateus)

La Danseuse.

Blimey, in my next life I'd love to be a ballerina! A few years ago, after reading tons about dance, Luca Migiore realized that it’s time to showcase another side to this beautiful art form. He wanted people to see that dancers don’t need a specific place in order to express themselves, because a dancer is the dance itself, anywhere, anytime. His muse was a talented young ballerina, Esmeralda Astarita who spent 7 months striking a pose in a number of her everyday locations. Beautiful, don't you think?

P.S: Ballet moves by James Dean :)
P.P.S: Dance in motion.

(via Bored Panda)

Hanging Jars Garden

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

One of the things that makes the end-of-winter bearable are fresh plants. Somehow a dash of new greenery unconsciously tricks our mind and makes us hopeful for warmer weather. So, since I'm religiously counting the days till spring, I'm thinking about creating a lovely little suspended weck jars garden in my kitchen window. I love the idea of hanging jars full of terrarium plants, herbs and flower cuttings. You? Ready for spring?

P.S: Here is the full how to, if you fancy giving it a go as well.
P.P.S: Plus, sunshine in a pot!

(via Terrain)

Fifty Shrinks

“… I have been an analyst for more than fifty years and I still find it astonishing that every patient has something new to communicate. Sometimes I’ll encounter a patient who has so much new to say that it’s bewildering. It is as if any analyst is living not only his own life, but also the lives of countless other people. So I think I am making a bargain with Death. I am cheating. I am living more than one life.” — Marin Bergmann, PhD

“… My taste is for African art that comes from my Afro-centric perspective. That’s a part of who I am. If a white analyst puts African art in her office, it is perceived as nothing more than her having good taste. For me, as an African American, when I choose to display African art, it is interpreted differently, more personally, as an aspect of my identity, which is also true. I can imagine that to some new black patients, their first reaction might be” ‘I want to get out of here. This guy has his black self right up front and out there. I don’t want to deal with the black part of myself. I’d rather go to a white analyst.’ In a way, I’m challenging those patients to respond. It opens the dialogue where I can say, ‘okay let’s see what we can do with that response,’ and then the real therapeutic work can begin…” — Kirkland C. Vaughns, PhD

“… In the early 1970s, before Roe versus Wade, obstetricians started to refer women who needed to get abortions. It was all pretty secretive with only a few hospitals willing to do the procedure. One of the ways for a woman to obtain an abortion legally was to be suicidal. I had to assess if she was in real danger. Was the woman depressed and overwhelmed? Does she have an intent or plan to kill herself? What was her social situation? What were her life stressors?” — Bertram Rosen, MD

“… Over time, I found that I was especially intrigued by working therapeutically with individuals going through separation and divorce. You’re going to be triggered very frequently by a lot of things that are going on during a divorce or separation when people are highly activated. You need to know yourself and where you are coming from. Without my own analysis, it would be very difficult for me to do this kind of work. When people separate, they often think their lives will never be as good again. I inspire them to see that, although it feels terrifying, change can make their lives better in the long run…” — Kate Bar-Turn, LCSW, FIPA

“… We all are falling, wrote Rilke in his poem ‘Autumn,’ leaving us with a final question: Is there one whose gentle hands will hold up all this falling? This is one of the most powerful questions addressed to psychoanalysts by their patients, as it was addressed to the priests before, in a time when the Creator was these hands thought to hold all. What answer can the psychoanalyst give, this strange silent creature born somewhere between the passing of a religious age and the era of secular science?” — Jamieson Webster, PhD

How interesting are those quotes? Sebastian Zimmermann is a New York City-based photographer and psychiatrist who after setting up his own practice, started to experience a sense of remoteness from the outside world. While his patients shared with him intimate details of themselves, the role of psychiatrist necessitated a detached and discrete existence. So, his remedy for it was to create a photo series. As soon as he began capturing the offices of his peers, word spread and tons of therapists wanted to take part in the project.

I love how every single image portrays those therapists as vulnerable objects while in reality we have an idea of them being powerful and strong. Also, it’s so interesting to see how each office tells a tale of their own little world!

People watching at its best!

P.S: The battle we didn't choose.
P.P.S: Healing soldiers.

(via Feature Shoot)
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