Clementine Memories

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ever since I was little, I remember my dad and I waiting on pins and needles for clementine season. Besides endlessly snacking on them and loving how my fingers smelled afterwards, we had a habit of leaving a few peels behind on the table for the scent. I was always looking forwards to that refreshing smell, as the peels mixed with warm indoor air. Nowadays, I do exactly the same. I peel a few clementines and leave the peel behind for the rest of the day and I'm still surprised by that beautiful scent...xo

P.S: Also, try doing good:)
P.P.S: Plus, clementine candles and clementines in wine.

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Christmas Gift Guide #3: Au Naturel

Next stop are 13 gifts for those amazing girls, women and ladies in your life that love organic goodies, only use natural cosmetics, feel best when nourished with clean food and their life would be complete if they were to move somewhere by a lake, grow their own veggies and have an apple tree by their bedroom window.

What caught your eye? xo

1. An apple tree to grow at home to nourish the soul ($24), 2. Fresh Boxwood wreath for the door ($55), 3. Swiss Cross fingerless gloves ($44), 4. Stop the water all natural toothbrush ($6), 5. Chambray pocket square made of reusable cloth hankie to wear with a blazers ($25), 6. Organic lemon, myrtle and ginger heat pillow to relax ($35), 7. Liha beauty Idan oil for skin and hair ($61), 8. Organic lip tint and blush in ruby ($10), 9. Little leather wallet for all the treasures ($62), 10. Bach Flower Remedy - Olive to restore energy ($20), 11. Bathtub tea full of sage, jasmine, calendula and lavender to comfort ($40), 12. Chunky 100% Merion wool cardigan to keep snug ($130), 13. My New Roots cookbook to nourish the body from inside ($22).

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Ballet Art

Do you remember when early this year, the New York City Ballet and JR collaborated for the premiere of the Les Bosquets? Well, here are a few photos that were taken while rehearsing in JR’s lower-Manhattan studio. Aren’t they something special? xo

P.S: A sassy gift guide is coming up.
P.P.S: Tons more ballet goodness.

(Photos by JR)

The Perfect Thanksgiving Stove Top Potpourri

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

And while we are on the topic of Thanksgiving, here is the perfect simmer pot mix for your next Thursday's feast. I promise you, it smells like your best childhood Thanksgiving memory in a pot:) Balazs and I've been simmering it away for the past two days telling ourselves that we are just testing it for next week but in reality, we both can't get enough of its scent. Next Thursday, I'm taking all the ingredients over to our friend's house so we can have it simmering throughout the day.

It's a simple mix of 2 sliced oranges, 3 cinnamon sticks (or powder), a cup of fresh cranberries, a few cloves, some nutmeg and 2 fresh springs of rosemary. Just place everything in a pot, fill it with water and simmer away! (Full how-to here). xo

Do you like simmer pots? What's your go-to mix? xo

P.S: Plus, four more amazing potpourris that you might want to try.
P.P.S: Telly Thanksgiving :)

(Recipe and photos by Rachel Schultz. Thanks, Rachel)

Go-To (Thanksgiving) Uniform

What are you planning to wear for Thanksgiving? This year (as any previous year) Balazs and I are celebrating Thanksgiving at our friend's place. So it's all about casual, comfy wear, but still looking like we tried to make an effort:) Anyway, last week my friend Amy convinced me to get a leather skirt, so my plan is to recreate this little comfy outfit above just in time for next Thursday. It looks to me like the perfect no-squeeze-uniform for a day when you are guaranteed to stuff yourself.

Would you wear it?

1. Oversized cardigan or this one, 2. Foxy bra that is truly addictive, 3. Bike ring4. MAC lipstick in chili, 5. Pleated leather skirt. 6. Polka dot top, 7. Kiehl's 'Musk' perfume (scent that you'll want to wear over and over again), 8. Soft circle scarf, 9. Black boots, 10. Duffle shoulder bag, 11. Black tights.

P.S: Go-to uniform.
P.P.S: Christmas dinner at the in-laws.

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Special Take on City Guides

Speaking of NYC, meet Kondo Yoshie, a Japanese girl who magically turns plain notebooks into charming illustrated city guides after her own travel experiences. Yup, she draws every single detail herself.  For me, it's like looking at a secret tour guide around the most iconic spots or following a treasure hunt:) Don't you just love the idea of creating a little guide after every new city you discover? Which city would you choose to illustrate? (I'd go with Budapest or Paris). xo

P.S: Remember this NYC hidden gem?
P.P.S: Nine winter ways to get lost in Paris.

(via A Wanderer's Path and Tokyo Illustrations Society)

Christmas Gift Guide #2: NYC Lovers

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Next stop are 11 scrumptious, fun and indulgent gift ideas for the New York City loving sister who has the biggest crush on the Mast Brothers (and their chocolate). The work-desk-buddy who keeps a photo of the city saved on his desktop. Or even your mom who can't get enough of Murray's Cheese spreads each time she flies in for a visit. What caught your eye? xo

1. Rifle's Manhattan print ($40), 2. New York Times keychain with charms ($12), 3. Mast Brothers Origin Chocolate collection including Brooklyn blend ($40 for 5 bars), 4. NYC subway mug ($20), 5. Little New York ornament set ($70), 6. Humans Of New York book ($17), 7. Love New York: Ingredients and Recipes cookbook and so much more ($32), 8. Murray's 'The New Yorker' gift crate ($125), 9. Sorry I'm Late tee ($24), 10. Monopoly New York City Collection board game ($35), 11. Bottle of burning maple leaves scented perfume from the amazing CB I Hate Perfume ($50).

P.S: Also, yesterday's gift guide for honey lovers.
P.P.S: And here are six 2010 gift guides,  five 2011 gift guides, seven 2012 gift guides and nine 2013 gift guides.

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