Summer Style Tweak: Belting a loose maxi dress

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Do you wear loose maxi dresses? If you ask me, they are one of the easiest pieces to wear, especially during the summer. You just slip into your favourite one and pair it with sassy sandals and a dash of lipstick – ta-dah!

The extra special thing about maxi dresses is that they are also very versatile, especially when you belt them. They instantly change from being casual to elegant. Here is a little how-to to make sure it looks just right. What do you think?

P.S: Also thisthat and those.
P.P.S: The flats thing, and the ins and outs of a French uniform.

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100 days of rainbows

Don’t you just love seeing a cheery rainbow first thing in the morning? Well, Julie certainly does! This awesome artist creates beautiful rainbows using everyday object and posts her creations on her feed for everyone to enjoy. Just looking at them makes me feel all cheery and happy! You?

P.S: Also, a rainbow cloud and awesome rainbow rocks in China!
P.P.S: Plus, this staircase in Italy and those mesmerizing floating sculptures.

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Where Children Play

Monday, July 6, 2015
Freretown Community Primary School, Mombasa, Kenya
Bhakta Vidyashram, Kathmandu, Nepal
Stonyhurst College Lancashire, UK 
Nativity School, Los Angeles
Gram Panchayat School, Ludiya, Kutch, Gujarat, India
Shohei Elementary School, Tokyo
Emiliano Zapata Elementary School, Pachuca de Soto, Hidalgo, Mexico 

He Huang Yu Xiang Middle School, Qingyuan, China
Dechen Phodrang , Thimphu, Bhutan
Valley View School, Mathare, Nairobi, Kenya

Do you still remember your favourite school's playground? I have some really fond memories of making friends, chasing boys and getting to all kinds of mischief on our school’s playground!

So recently, when I stumbled upon James Mollison’s newest series, I got all nostalgic. James traveled across the globe capturing and documenting the diverse world of playgrounds. Some have grass and swing sets, while others are just plain concrete - but regardless of how rich or poor,  kids never seem to be bored, all they need is their imagination and friends to play with. Brilliant!

P.S: Rise and shine!
P.P.S: The hungry planet and from grandma with love.

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Watermelon Melts

Are you into strange food combinations? What is the oddest one you tried?

I've always raised my dad's eyebrows with my food pairing choices. One of my childhood favourites was pickles with jam - I know, odd but it worked! Anyway, over the weekend friends got the grill out and we made watermelon melts with two different types of cheese and herbs for the first time. Even though we were all pretty skeptical about it, now I'm totally declaring this my favourite summer meal of 2015!

So, if you feel like trying something new, heat up the grill (or oven), slice the watermelon into wedges, top them with fontina cheese or fresh mozzarella + freshly chopped thyme or dill. Grill until the cheese is golden and bubbly for about 8 minutes. Sprinkle with some pistachios and enjoy!

P.S: Also, this awesome twist on mango and vanilla ice :)
P.P.S: Watermelon ice!

(Photos and recipe by Alaina Sullivan and Cook Republic)

Wanderlust: Skylodge in Peru

Blimey, here is something for the brave! Recently, a touristic company created three hanging transparent suites on the side of a mountain in the Sacred Valley of Cuzco in Peru. The idea is to attract all those people who are into rock climbing and mountain zip-lining. Basically, you can rent one of those totally transparent bedrooms for a night and literally wake up to the view of the most magical and mystical valley in the world! Pretty tempting, isn’t it? I bet the view is mind-blowing!

Would you be brave enough?

P.S: Manatee watching and an awesome hidden cave pool in Mexico!
P.P.S: Also, bivouacking on the edge of a mountain and the teahouse on top of the world :)


Cheers to an awesome holiday weekend!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Cheers to the 4th of July weekend! Hope everyone already started the celebrations! We’re staying put this weekend but hoping to enjoy some of this and a great burger (or two)! Wishing everyone safe and scrumptious next two days and I’ll see you back here on Monday morning. Fancy going down the internet rabbit hole? Enjoy!

Dark side of the spoon.

Ah, the English seaside - so amazing!

Brilliant - Melbourne mornings...

Is what you're eating affecting your skin?


The 7 rules of compliment club :)

Man demonstrates 17 sweet and silly ways to hold a baby:)

Ah, making a pretty perfect loaf of bread...


How to use up a bottle of wine (besides drinking it).

'My year of saying yes'.

Daydreaming about this sandwich right now (and this one too).

The magic secret to loving any vegetable.

Anna is such a gem!


A helpful guide to seasonal eating (early July edition).

How to grow old with yourself.

Magical coffee.

And fancy a blast from the past?
- Four years ago tomorrow.
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- One years ago today.

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This Week's Gems

One of my favourite dresses this season!...

Oh boy, what a beauty...

Hey handsome! :)...

Ha! Wine cooling beads...

My friend swears by this headache roll-on...


This shark tooth necklace would look amazing with v-neck t-shirts this season!....

Pop of red!...

What a beautifully minimalist logo...

This blouse  + jean shorts = summer weekends in a park!...

Bit of fuchsia = cheery feet...

I'm totally obsessed with this bamboo steamer - it's amazing!...


Happy Friday, dearies! What caught your eye this week? Any great buys or finds?

P.S: Fancy more gems?
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